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Founded 30 years ago, Sweryb International is located in Helsingborg, Sweden. Since our inception, we have been developing strong supplier relationships globally; specifically with Russian shipowners, in order to be the seafood wholesaler of choice. We supply frozen at sea (FAS) fish products from the rich and cold waters of the Barents Sea in the northeastern region of the Atlantic Ocean. We specialize in cod, haddock, turbot (Greenland halibut), and saithe


Global Partnerships

Northern deep sea wild shrimp. Frozen bo

Canadian Agent

Mr. Chris Myers, Westfish Canada:

10-118 Wyse Road, Ste 328
Dartmouth, NS B3A 1N7

Mobile: +1 902 483-8989

Telephone: +1 902 462-0205
Email: chris@westfish.ca

Close up photo of freshly caught cod fis

Russian Agent

Mr. Andrey Strelkov, Sea Product:

Vorovskogo 5/23 Office 223

Murmansk, 183038


Mobile: +7 8152423888

Telephone: +7 9217248727

Email: seaproduct@mail.ru

Haddock caught in the Barents Sea.jpg

Chinese Agent

Mrs. Hilary Ma, IFS Asia:

Room 2005, Unit 3, Tower 1, Toptown

No. 135 Fuzhou Road, Qingdao


Mobile: +86 13583287352
Email: hilary.ma@ifs.asia